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Who are us

are … millions the lonely people, many of them, worthy of companionship and affection, and despite this, spend most of their time alone.

Many of them have families, most, have many friends and a variety of knowledge but then at the end, they can not cancel their loneliness.

These people you meet in bars, at work, in the company of boyfriends and / or wives but then, in practice, do not erase the loneliness they have inside of them.

Social networks, dating sites, religious holidays, the many relationships, etc., are not always sufficient to satisfy the loneliness of man (and of woman) ….

Myanpo represents a space where people of different age, sex, origin can discuss, find solutions to their needs, etc..

Solitude accompanies the woman and the man in the course of their lives and sometimes, it becomes a boulder unsustainable.

In a globalized and increasingly connected, where each person has virtually thousands of virtual friends and participates in many cases, to many small and large online communities, in fact, in many cases, cohabits with loneliness.

Myanpo is a site aimed only at adults who are looking for ideas, solutions to overcome, to live with the problem of loneliness.

Loneliness in the broadest sense of the term, concerns also married people, with girlfriends, partners, etc..

Sexual issues are discussed in this site explicitly, outside of any ‘mode’ in sauce ‘political correctness’ but with respect for people, always!

With loneliness you can live, using techniques, tools and ideas, as indeed, for all problems of life.

Loneliness is not always a bad thing!

Sometimes, it is also useful to be alone with yourself.

It becomes a problem at certain times of life, of the day or of the year.

In these phases, it is exacerbated and become less manageable.

Myanpo is not a pornographic site and even a prostitution site.

Reject the vulgarity, all forms of violence and exploitation but also the hypocrisy and prejudice very common.