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Terms of use


This site publishes discussions, content and images suitable for an audience of adults only.

We invite children to move away from this site.

The invitation is open to parents of these minors permitting them to keep away their children.

We therefore invite the parents and guardians of minors and subjects worthy of protection to apply filters so that this site is not visible.

Those who surf the site, clearly state that they accept the content, the offers and anything is present on the site.


If you agree to display the pages and content on this site, you automatically exempt the owners and operators of the site from any liability as certifying that according to the law of your country you are of age and that you do not feel offended by the images and texts published on this site.


This site publishes the opinions and content published by numerous readers and / or employees who through the forums and blogs offer their contribution.

These contents are freely published and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the owners and site managers.

In addition, the site allows the publication of advertisements of activities and persons that have relationships governed only by the sale of advertising space.

If you access to the contents and establish direct or indirect relationships with other individuals known through the site, exempt the site, its property and managers from any liability resulting these actions.


The site as part of its initiatives and services offered, can collect a variety of data related to users, in particular: name, phone, address, etc ..

A user can refuse to sign or release specific data but this can also lead to the limitation of access to certain areas of the site.

The site uses cookies to make some services more accessible.

You can refuse cookies but this can lead some sections not usable.

Who does not accept the conditions, the principles and rules of the site is asked to move away from the site.

If you continue to navigate within its pages, in fact, you have accepted the rules and after you can not complain.

For any further information, you can send a request for information to contacts.

Rules of the forum.

The forum is open only to adults.

The respect of the people must be at the base of each comment.

About a direct or indirect use of phrases, disrespectful references to other individuals, communities, groups, etc., will be banned and the post deleted immediately.

Discrimination of any kind are banned from the forum.

About a direct or indirect use phrases, discriminatory references of all kinds, will be banned and the post deleted.

It is prohibited all forms of direct and indirect advertising unauthorized.

It is prohibited the use of a violent language, the use of profanity, abusive phrases and threatening towards anyone.

It is strictly forbidden to treat illegal arguments, particularly pedophilia.

Each user assumes responsibility for what is published, both in terms of content but also texts and images.

All material published by users on the forum can not be subsequently returned and remains at the disposal of the site.

It requires the use of appropriate language, without the use of capital letters.

It requires users to enter the various posts within the appropriate category.

We will be banned all users who will act as: troll, provocators, spammers.