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Start a brothel.

How to start a brothel. Fourth part. In some countries in the world, the create of a brothel is legal and is subjected to a set of rules (see, for example, countries like Germany, Switzerland, etc.). In other situations, where it is forbidden to organize an activity of prostitution, such ...

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How to start a brothel.

Start a brothel. The experience of a woman. Part Three. Open a brothel is outlawed in Italy as in many other countries around the world. So, the start of such an activity in Italy (for the many who have carried out similar initiatives) has meant taking important risks. During the ...

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How to open a brothel.

Start a brothel. Managing a brothel. Second part. Despite being banned manage activities related to prostitution in Italy, then in practice, the appointment homes active in every corner of the country have always been many (many thousands). Sometimes, it comes to local business that attract ‘territorially limited’ clients, in other ...

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Open a brothel.

Start a brothel. Women who self-manage, often, unbeknownst to their husbands. In the media (especially in local newspapers) frequently, come to light some spicy stories related to the ‘discovery’ of pseudo cooperatives of housewives who are organized in the management of a brothel. The cases of this type are thousands ...

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