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Virtual girlfriends.

Virtual girlfriend for hire. Next to inflatable dolls and to the innovative products that look more and more to a person, in China, they also invented the virtual girlfriend. In China there is a huge market consisting of tens of millions of singles who need companionship and so, the business ...

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Looking for a girlfriend.

Girlfriend for rent. Loneliness is certainly one of the most difficult and most widespread problem involving both men and women at all ages of their life. Boys, mature people and elderly, differently, suffer of solitude. Today, despite the development of social relations, the Web, globalization and the ability to stay ...

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Girlfriend for hire.

Girlfriends for rent. Young men in China have more options now than people in past generations, are not afraid to put their successful careers first and are in less of a hurry to get married. Single well-educated men have it tough in China, where most parents’ urge is still to ...

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Girlfriends for rent.

Gilfriends for rent in Japan. There are many young Japanese men who, even if they want to go on a date, have little confidence in their ability to carry out an exciting conversation with the opposite sex. To those young men, we recommend Moé Date (, a Japanese dating service ...

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Girlfriend for rent.

Girls for rent. Nowadays, single men pressed by their families to bring their girlfriends home prefer to rent total strangers, to appease their relatives and take a break from social pressure regarding their status. Single men have it tough in China, a country where most parents’ first priority is to ...

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