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Privacy Policy

When you visit our website some information is automatically collected for statistical purposes or information.

The information may enable the identification of the visitor.

Among this information we are:

the IP address, the URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​of the resources requested, the time and date of the application, the type of operating system, browser, screen resolution and other technical information.

These data are anonymous and are processed and stored for statistical purposes only.

There are several types of cookies, each of them follows the behavior of users to make the overall experience faster, easier and more efficient.

The cookies do not contain personal or confidential information.

Usually cookies are required to collect statistical information on the user experience (length of stay, number of clicks, etc.) and those related to the customization of the navigation (login form, customize the graphics, etc.).

Third-party Cookies: are stored on your computer by third parties, such as social networks and the advertising agency.

The remarketing of Google Adwords, for example, saves the cookies that expire after a set number of days and serve to build segments of interest based on the pages you visit.

Analytics Cookies: these cookies are used to measure and analyze how customers are using our website.

We use this information to improve your experience on our site.

Other cookies are used in an automatic way to provide services such as, but not limited to, the Banner advertising, the answer to the articles written, sending requests for assistance or information.

The majority of web browsers accept cookies.

In any case, you have the option to decline cookies by modifying the settings of your browser.