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Do you feel lonely?

Do you are looking for a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend to talk to, have a drink,

  dine together, walk together in the center.

Do you are looking for a girlfriend(or boyfriend) for an evening, to present him/her to friends and relatives ..?

Myanpo is a Web site that caters to those looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend for rent.

We are not an escort site or regarding sexual performances!

If you are looking to get laid, you must contact an escort website!

There are many escort sites on the Net and you will not have trouble to find them.

On Myanpo you can find someone with whom to share some minutes, a few hours in the her/his company, dining, walking, on the beach to the sea, sipping a drink, etc..

Solitude is not something to be ashamed!

Search a boy/girl for rent in the list which will be available soon.