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Women looking for man.

Single women. Ladies looking for a man.

How many single women are today?

Many, many more than you might think!

A growing number, if we scroll to official data, but often you do not even need to go look in the statistics, you simply go to a mall, on the street, in a park, etc. and notice how many single women are everywhere.

Many have found company buying a dog or a pet (a real boom in recent years), while others, spend their leisure time with a friend or connect to the Web.

The social networks, dating sites, etc., have become a place more and more frequented by single women, or almost alone.

Lonely women.

Sometimes, you can not weigh perfectly this phenomenon because many women do not actively participate in online discussions, but the most attentive observers, have seen a strong female presence in online growth, women of all ages.

Single women. The growing number of young singles.

The thing that is most striking, is the presence of a high number of single women under 45, or more often under 40 who do not have a stable relationship from time (sometimes from more of two years).

It is a phenomenon that affects many women of excellent presence, often with a good job and a cultural level and education upper-middle.

Women looking for man.

Apparently, they are women who have no problem to meet interesting men, and yet, are and remain single, even though they have the opportunity to find company.

Women looking for company. Really are they happy and fulfilled?

The consumption of drugs and psychotropic drug is on the rise and involves many young women and young girls, people who apparently should have no need of these solutions.

Entering the private, many of these single women are not really satisfied with their life and of their dating situation.

It seems that even this tendency to remain single, for many, is more a retreat (or escape) that a real-life choice.

In the next post, we will continue with this analysis.

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