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Lonely women.

Single women. Second part.

Single women remain single by choice or for other reasons not well understood?

Let’s face it, women do not have some problems to meet a man, and yet, it seems that many representatives of the women have decided to step aside or otherwise, remain single: why?

Are we in front of individual choices or a new trend?

Single women.

During the first part, we have verified that the number of single women present is high and even growing, both in large metropolitan areas and in small towns.

A trend that involves and especially young women.

At a time like the present where everyone are always connected (thanks to the Web, social networks, etc.) and where opportunities to meet people and socialize is much simpler than in the past, are increasing the cases of single women who renounce to seek a stable relationship or at least fairly continuous.

It seems a contradiction, but in fact, not at all.

Single women. Are they alone by choice?

Many women are single for lack of better (that is, better alternatives), other women, have serious difficulty in relating to a man and then, they prefer to be alone, perhaps, consoling herself with the presence of a pet (especially dogs) .

So if a woman is alone, in most cases, it is not for overall pick!

They influence in this situation many reasons and causes.

It is also true that many women in spite of their more influential role within the couple, almost afraid to have a relationship.

Alone women. If there was an opportunity to star a new relationship?

Many single women (even those who are single from more than two years), clearly admit that if it presented the opportunity for a relationship with a very good man, would accept willingly, giving up to stay single.

So, it is evident that many women (between the single women), a good part of them is looking for a quality report.

In short, many single women remain single for lack of interesting opportunities.

Given the high number of single women present, it is clear that so-called valuable opportunities are not many!

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