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Working from home.

Being sex workers. Second part.

When it comes to working at home, you immediately thought to the work by computer, to the old (but still present) tailoring work, the editorial collaborations, in home secretary activities, music lessons and the school repetition, assembly of products, etc..

But if we analyze the professions that more and more are finding space with force majeure (just check the numbers of these workers), then, it is clear that sex jobs are among those who have offered more employment opportunities in recent years, guaranteeing an income to tens of millions of women and men.

Sex workers. Freelance jobs from home.

Operators of erotic phones, cam girls, call girl who work from their home, etc., are just a few concrete examples of this army of sex workers operating from the house ensuring a round of huge business to firms with whom they work and allowing to themselves to have a higher income than other forms of home work.

Working as a cam girl from home.

Technology and network allow companies that offer cam girl services, to work with hundreds of members of staff who work from their home and easily, to manage this army of workers directly online.

Working from home. Sexy works.

From the point of view of businesses, this allows a great cost savings but also the possibility of having a large number of cam girls that from various parts of the world work in the enterprise as simple collaborators.

Work from home. Global competition.

One major problem that sex workers are facing in these recent years, is the one linked to global competition among the same sex workers in offering the same services at lower and lower prices in a competition that sees favored the sex workers that come from more countries with low income.

The complaints of many cam girls and operators of erotic phones, is in fact to have to compete with offerings downward because of lower costs of employees from certain countries, willing to work for lower amounts.

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