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Sex worker.

Working as a sex worker from home.

Workers working in the field of eros, sex and seduction in general, represent a wide array of professionals who work with different tasks in many areas.

The sex workers are millions, even tens of millions around the world and in certain countries, represent an important share of the national GDP, involving a high percentage of employees and permanent employees who work on behalf of companies of different sizes.

Many of them, in fact, work in activities such as brothels, massage parlors, lap dance clubs, night clubs, etc..

A substantial part of these professionals, however, operate as remote employees, often framed by contract as occasional or ongoing collaborators.

In fact, exists in this sector the possibility for many tasks to be carried out them directly from home, managing their jobs from home.

It can be said that with the development of the Web, the trend of using remote employees for many companies, even those related to eros and sex, represented a growing trend year after year.


Sex jobs. Working from home.

One of the sectors in which homeworking has met most successful is precisely that of sex workers.

If we think for example to the workers who respond to erotic numbers, we must consider that a good portion of them work, is done directly from their home.

In fact, through some telephone switchboards, it is possible to manage call traffic and provide a service to the public only through remote employees.

Sex workers. An army of freelance collaborators.

Same thing happens for example in the sector of camgirl.

Millions of cam girls are working with collaboration contracts from home, managing flexibly their profession.

Sex workers. Global competition.

One aspect of this trend, is the new global competition that has developed among the sex workers.

About the latter issue, we will discuss during the next episode.


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