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Mature women.

Milf passion.

The sensuality and femininity through the centuries, have witnessed a number of changes, dictating fashions and styles, according to the times.

One of the most prominent phenomena in recent years, is tied to the success of mature women, now known by the term milf or mature women.

Mature ladies. Treatments.

Body care (diets, beauty treatments, the use of cosmetic surgery, gymnastics and physical exercise, etc.) and a greater awareness of their role and importance, they put in the spotlight all the women over 36/38 than in the past (unlike today), were put aside due to competition with young and attractive women.

But today it seems that mature women do play a very successful role more than the young women.

It must also be said that the numerical weight of mature women affects a lot in this modern society where the average age of the inhabitants tends to rise.

Mature woman. The success.

However, what is happening at the global level is rather the success of females in this age segment (36/58), defined today as milf or mature women.

It is not just a fad or a matter relating to eroticism and physical attraction (although this element affects much) but something broader.

Not only mature men who are attracted by milf women, indeed, young men seem to be those most affected by the charm of these mature women.

Mature women. A second youth.

It is, for many mature women a new lease of life, a new way of living their own experiences.

From the point of view of men, mature women are the new wet dream, the subject of greater discussion when it comes to women.

It continues in the second part.

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