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Singles over 50.

Dating over 50.

The real boom of registrations of singles over 50 on dating sites, dating agencies and marriage agencies, shows that this population is increasingly large and interested to socialize and find partners and relationships.

It is a segment of the population that in the coming years is expected to grow in number in the world, even in countries in South East Asia and Latin America where the number of people over 50 is still limited compared to the rest of the population.


Being single at 50 years.

Until a few years ago, being a single over 50 could be a problem, but today, the offerings devoted to meetings for over 50 is high: theme nights, dating sites for this population, cruises, holidays, etc..

In addition, we are talking about a segment of the population than in the past that enjoys a better healthy condition, as well as a higher per capita income than the rest of the population.

Singles over 50.

The body care and also the desire to remain young and healthy, involving this segment in the coming years, we expect further growth of this population, as well as the supply of services for singles over 50.

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