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Single events.

Dinner dating. Fifth part.

The places of socialization of singles and theme nights are the subject of the interview that we started during the past episode and they see as the protagonist of a local director and nightclubs that often has organized this type of initiatives over the years .

We now continue with the interview.

Dinner dates. Have they happened?

As I have already answered, it depends on how ‘weigh’ the success of an evening like this:

more couples born during the evening?

Number of participants in the evenings?

Level of enjoyment and satisfaction perceived by the participants?

Money earned from the club? (On this point my colleagues evaluate the success of the evening);


As you can see the points of view are different.

Places to meet singles.

Organize an evening for singles. Where to start.

In fact, I try to figure out which type of audience I want to bring to a certain evening, in particular, I focus on the average age of the participants.

It ‘important to define the target and segment the participants.

In fact, this element allows you to concentrate on other factors (music, location, type of offer, etc.), in particular, also on the type of promotion to do to try to invite to the evening a fairly homogeneous audience.

Just to make me understand, if I organize an evening for singles aged between 44 and 58 years (with a large additional flexibility), i avoid to invit young people under 30 and people over 66.

Even the music and all the rest must be oriented to this type of audience.

Single events. What are the best places?

I’ve organized these events in the premises where you can listen to music, eat, socialize easily, have a drink in a secluded table, etc..

It concludes the interview during the next episode.

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