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How to become an escort.

Become an escort. Being a professional escort.

We have analyzed the profession of escort in previous post.

From an initial analysis, the term escort, was used to identify not only the so-called escorts / escort but increasingly, it gives this title also prostitutes from the street.

In this post, we will give space to an interview with an escort who has been working in Italy, Switzerland, France and Monaco.

Anonymity allows our guests to answer freely.

Let’s move on to questions.

How many years that you work as escort?

About nine years.

How did you start?

I was a model and hostess for fairs and events of various kinds.

One day they asked me if I was available to accompany an important client.

After a few moments of tension, I said : ok!

I earned 2,000 Euros net for a weekend and since then, I began more and more to deal with this activity.

How do you find the customers?

After several years I do this work, I have a number of direct contacts of customers that some time they call me.

Then, I have a series of collaborations with an escort agency that operates on international clients a high level.

In short, I can not complain.

Would you change the choice you made?

Absolutely no!

In the past, i worked as precarious for an hostess agency for exhibitions and events of various kinds.

Now, I earn more than € 100,000 per year in addition to gifts, benefits, etc..

We joke!

How to become an escort.

Is it a growing market?

The competition there is, especially from Eastern Europe.

In the high-level segment, however, the situation is better and I am working precisely in this.

It continues in the next episode.

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