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Call girl student.

Schoolgirls that make extra earnings.

There is a global phenomenon that is affecting both the West that many other countries considered emerging economies where many girls and boys make extra earning working as call girl or escort for agencies or simply as freelance call girl.

Many of these working men and women, are university students and for a limited period of their lives, work in these activities.

In addition to the call girl (or callboy), we find, webcam girls and camboy but also streapman and strippers who work in lap dance club, sexy restaurants and clubs for stag and hen parties and among those who answer in the erotic call centers.


Call girls. The precarious sexy workers.

Since this is a very wide and varied reality represented by dozens of thousands of students working in these areas, it is hard to describe this ‘world’ as a unique reality.

There are in fact many different examples that meet in each country and city, especially in metropolitan areas where there are greatest opportunities to work in these segments.

Even remote work as camgirl or camboy because of its flexibility is greatly appreciated.

Over the next post, we will give space to the first call girl that we’re going to interview.

One of these girls live in Barcelona and the other in Milan.

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